December 1, 2011

December challenge

We know that some of you have been anxious to see what the December art challenge is. We hope you like it!
Glossy surfaces can seem intimidating to paint if you are over-thinking.
Hint: Try focusing on blocks of color rather than the objects themselves. Make sure your dark colors are applied first while focusing on value and avoid using black. Adding your light (or highlights) in the final stages is sure to create a pop effect. You will see the illusion of foil coming to life when you dab your highlights in.

This is your painting so feel free to crop it, add something to it, etc.

Have fun and have a great holiday!
We are looking forward to your contributions.

Cynthia E Blain

Judi D'Allessandro

November 1, 2011

November Seagull challenge

Pamela took this photo in Wickford, RI a couple of months ago. It's a quaint New England waterfront town. We both remembered to bring along our cameras on that day. This was around the same time that we planned on this challenge so we were keeping it in mind when we were shooting.

Obviously the seagull is the challenge yet the greater challenge is to be aware of the values when you work on the painting. Value (how light or dark a color is) is more important than the colors you choose and will determine the success of a painting. Now go have fun!

Kristin Polston (age17)

Jackie Shenian (age15)

Bethany Basal (age16)

Tyler Moorey (age14)

Cynthia E. Blain

Judi D'Allessandro

October 15, 2011

October Mushroom challenge

Last month Pamela and I thought it would be fun and inspirational to start an art challenge of our own. There were so many mushrooms growing in our yards and we decided to let the mushrooms have a come back! They were frequently seen in paintings during the 70's along with owls.
We are looking forward to your interpretations! There are still 2 weeks left before the next photo.

Susan Elizabeth Johnson

Janett Marie

Deb Plunkett

Cynthia Blain

Judi D'Allessandro